Using the Teleprompter

CloudPrompter is designed to work as a full studio teleprompter solution that works in your web browser


There are different options for scrolling the text in the teleprompter to suit any kind of production, setup and workflow.

There are three main methods to scroll the text:

Any method of scrolling will also sync in real time with your Broadcast if you have one active.

Manual Scrolling

You can scroll the teleprompter text manually, similarly to scrolling on a normal website, using your mouse or trackpad. This is often the simplest method to scroll the teleprompter, requiring very little setup.

Auto Scrolling

Auto Scrolling allows you to scroll the teleprompter text smoothly at a specified speed. You can also adjust the speed while the text is scrolling to speed up or slow down the text.

To use auto scrolling:

  1. Open any of your scripts
  2. Click the Start button in the control bar at the bottom
  3. Adjust the speed slider to a comfortable reading speed

The speed value will be saved for each individual script. The speed value represents the distance that your text will move over time. The speed value does not represent a number of words or lines that will scroll over time. Therefore, remember that adjustments to the text size, or changing the size size of the teleprompter window, will impact how much text is visible and may require an adjustment to the scroll speed.

Remote Control

You can scroll the teleprompter text using a controller, such as a keyboard, gaming controller or handheld presentation remote. You can use controllers to start/stop Auto Scrolling, or to manually scroll the text.

Learn more about remote control here.

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