Cue Points

Cue Points allow you to inset points in your script to quickly navigate between.

Insert a Cue Point

To insert a cue point into your script:

  1. Open any of your scripts
  2. Click Edit Script at the top right
  3. Within your script, insert >>> anywhere you'd like a cue point
  4. Click Done to save your changes


This is part of your script.

> > >

This is another part of your script.

To navigate to a placed cue point:

  1. Open any of your scripts
  2. Click the Jump To icon in the control bar
  3. A popup window will be shown, click the radio button labelled Cue Marker
  4. Below this, using the arrows to the right of the field present (once hovered over), you may select a cue point number to navigate to
  5. Once selected, click Jump and your script will navigate to the selected cue point

Keyboard Shortcut

You can navigate easily between cue points by remote control.

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